Friday, July 25, 2008

[ together again! ]

Our whole family is together again! Brad came home this Sunday for 4 weeks during his break. The crazy part is that we're all under the same roof, so there's not a lot of room right now but we're having fun anyway! Here are a couple of videos that I thought were fun, the first is of Angie and Brad. Ever since Brad came home Angie has wanted all of his attention. The second video is Angie trying to get everyone wet with a squirt bottle because she finally figured out how to use it! Enjoy!


TEACHER said...

I love the videos! It makes me want to be home with everybody. I love you lots Amy! Thanks for keeping in touch.

TEACHER said...

Umm...that last comment was from me. I guess I am signed in with my sciencecamps blog because it said teacher. Weird, I didn't know it did that.

TEACHER said...

Oh brother it still says teacher! This is Cristina aka teacher.