Wednesday, November 12, 2008

[ a special favor to ask... ]

One of my Mom's dear friends sent this poem to her this morning to help remind her what cancer cannot do! I think it's a great reminder for my Mom and the rest of us to not let cancer pull us down and dampen our spirits. It's especially important today since my Mom will be going in for surgery at about noon.

So I have a special favor to ask all of you... will you please where something pink today in honor of my Mom and also more importantly please keep her in your prayers today. Thanks for your support and kindness everyone and I'll be sure to update as soon as I get any information.


Cancer is so limited.

It can not cripple love.

It can not shatter hope.

It can not corrupt faith.

It can not destroy friendship.

It can not suppress memories.

It can not silence courage.

It can not invade the soul.

It can not steal eternal life.

It can not conquer the spirit!

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Lisa said...

It was fun to visit with you! Hope all goes as well as expected with the surgery.