Tuesday, December 2, 2008

[ Cousins ]

So I feel pretty terrible about not posting in so long! I'm feeling overwhelmed lately because so much has been going on. But that shouldn't be any excuse, if anything I should be posting more because of all the excitement! Well, since it takes me forever to post pictures, I figured I'll just post a few at a time over the next few posts and hopefully I can catch up with myself.

John's older brother Mike and his wife Megan and their two kids, Taylor and Caden came to visit for Thanksgiving! They stayed with us almost 2 weeks, so we had lots of time to catch up since none of us had seen each other since last Christmas! Long time! (May I also remind you that John's sister Cristina is also staying with us! So we were very grateful for all the spare bedrooms that we have downstairs! The space was perfect for everyone!)

Here are the kids having fun in the tub together! Everyday they would get so excited for bath time and sometimes we could hardly get them out! :) I was impressed at how well the three of them played together! Especially Angie and Taylor... they were holding hands and playing almost instantly! What a fun time Angie had with her cousins! They flew home on Monday and we definitely miss them, but were so glad we had the room so they could stay with us! We love you guys!

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Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

Hey Am,
Somethin is wrong with your mom's blog, it wont let people read it, something is wrong with the picture on it. Maybe it is just my computer, but for some reason it is not readable...you wanna check that out?