Thursday, March 12, 2009

[ Hospital trip with Nana ]

Last Wednesday Angie and I took my Mom to the hospital for one of her last radiation treatments. She's been pretty sore due to the burns and hasn't been able to drive, so we came over to help out and decided to make it a fun outing since we had Angie with us. My Mom and I also decided that we were going to document her experience by making
a photo book. That way she can hopefully in the future help others who are going through this whole process, which is the reason why I had my camera on me in the hospital, in case anyone was wondering! :) So here are a couple of pictures of Angie having a blast at the hospital! Who knew a hospital could be so exciting?

Riding up the escalator with Nana! She would probably go up and down all day if you let her! Definitely one of her favorite things! And anything she's doing with Nana is also her favorite, so she was having a blast!

Here she is getting her "strawberry shake". Which really is strawberry Ensure! They have a fridge full of juice and Ensures along with hot chocolate, coffee and tea in the waiting room for patients and family members to enjoy while they are waiting for treatment. So every time we went to the hospital Angie wouldn't let us forget her "strawberry shake"!

Angie found this frog statue by a fountain near the waiting room and fell in love with it! She is definitely an animal lover just like her Dad!

Here she is with her favorite stuffed animals of the day... her hound dog and snake! She is always carrying around some sort of animal with her, it just varies from day to day depending on her mood I guess!

Oh and lastly, I forgot to show off a couple of new friends: Spike and Ramseys, which I'm not quite sure how to spell, but it's from Nacho Libre! John thinks that movie is hilarious and is always quoting it, so hence the name! Both John and Angie had so much fun picking out the fish and the names, it was fun to watch both of their excited faces as we set up the tank when we got home! Oh the simple joys in life!


Brandee Leafty said...


Chad, Ashley, Callan, and Landon said...

What a cute little outfit! She is so big! She could be a little model! I hope you mom is doing okay!

etreiersen said...

Amy, how exciting that your mom just finished treatments! I hope she gets to feeling better soon. My favorite aunt just passed away two weeks ago from ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed in
May of 2006 and was such a fighter. Watching someone you love go through cancer is such a roller coaster ride. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.

Congratulations, on the upcoming arrival of your baby! What an exciting time for your family.

Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

Alright woman, you are going to get in big trouble!!! You have not posted any belly pictures at all! What is the deal?!?!