Tuesday, April 28, 2009

[ a beautiful wedding ]

So my brother-in-law Rob was married to his beautiful bride, Kali last weekend and John and I had the privilege of being at their sealing in the Seattle temple. It was a wonderful ceremony and they got very lucky with perfect weather! My sister, Lauren was their photographer and since this was her very first wedding, I was her assistant for the day. Actually I'm going to be working with and for Lauren from now on, so I'm very excited that this was our first job together! I'll be doing mostly the paperwork and business aspect, but I'm also her assistant whenever she needs help. She is such an amazingly talented photographer, which I know I always say, but after you see the pictures, I know you'll agree with me, if you haven't already! So go check out Rob and Kali's wedding pictures here: http://www.robandkaliwedding.blogspot.com/ and be sure to leave comments for Lauren if you love them as much as I do! Fabulous job Lauren! Congratulations Rob and Kali!

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