Wednesday, July 8, 2009

[ Angie's talent! ]

So I forgot that I had uploaded a bunch of pictures when I posted last, so don't forget to look at the other two posts underneath the last one! Anyway, I've got lots of catching up to do! So for starters... here's a video of Angie on Father's day. We were hanging out at my parent's house on their deck just chatting and telling stories and being silly. And my Mom was trying to show us how she can flare her nose and we were laughing so hard because every other muscle on her face was moving but her nose! So then we tell Angie to do it and she did! So here's a little video clip of Angie's talent! She can flare her nose and raise her eyebrows at the same time and separately too! Unfortunately we didn't get a video of Nana, which is a bummer because it was hilarious! But here is Angie instead- Enjoy! Funny the things kids can do!


theRach said...

So stinkin' cute.....miss you guys! How's everything going?

Lisa said...

You crack me up!