Thursday, August 20, 2009

[ Big Sister ]

So Angie is pretty excited about being a big sister and has been very sweet with Jenny! Here are a few pictures of her helping out! Anytime Jenny cries, Angie always runs and gets a blanket for her, apparently that's what Jenny needs to calm down in Angie's eyes- blankets make everything all better! I took this first picture today when Nana was helping her hold Jenny and Angie thought it was great that she could put her finger in Jenny's pacifier and that it she could feel her mouth move and that it kept her from crying.

We're starting to settle in a little bit, last night was so nice because Jenny only woke up once to eat! It was so great to catch up on some much needed sleep! We'll see if this becomes a trend!

Both our families have been a huge help right now as we figure out our new life with Jenny added to our family! She is such a sweetheart already and we are so thrilled to have another beautiful girl to make our family complete!

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Jeff, Traci and Kaden said...

The picture of Angie kissing Jenny brought tears to my eyes! Angie is going to be such a wonderful big sister.