Thursday, August 13, 2009

[ Having fun! ]

Alright, since I've been so bad at updating our blog lately, here are some random pictures of Angie and what we've been up to. Having fun with friends and enjoying the sunshine, although I don't have many outside pictures because I kept forgetting my camera! We went to a concert in the park with friend Avery! We enjoyed some fun music and tasty snacks!

Just snuggled up after a nice bubble bath!

Visiting a good family friend who also used to be my babysitter! She now has two beautiful girls and It was so fun to meet the newest addition to their family! Great to see you Kandi!

Playing in the dirt at the park! It's amazing how quickly kids can get dirty! She probably could have played there all day if we let her! She's such a girly-girl, and yet a tom-boy all at the same time (if that's possible!)

Angie started drawing smiley faces and the letters "A" and "H"! It's so fun to be able to recognize some of the things that she draws! Especially without any help! We're so proud of you Angie!

Story time with Dad... she loves reading with her Dad every night before she goes to bed! She's learned to say just the right words to get Daddy to read one more book... "Just one more, last one Dad!"

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