Monday, October 12, 2009

[ Harvest Festival! ]

Saturday we decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather while it's still nice and not yet raining! So we drove out to Remlinger Farms to pick out some pumpkins and have fun at the Harvest Festival! It was so fun because they had all sorts of rides and things to do for young families. Angie had a blast riding a pony, going on the "whirly-bird" ride, petting a goat, riding on the carousel, going for a train ride and more! When it came time to pick out a pumpkin Angie looked and looked for the perfect one and I swear ended up picking the smallest one! Go figure! John on the other had really wanted to find a big one and I'm pretty darn sure the one he got was the largest one there! It was so huge he had to get someone else to help him get it in the jeep! He's very excited about carving it for Halloween! More pictures to come after we carve it! So it was a great day! Jenny slept the entire time in her sling, so that made things a lot easier and it was so nice for me to be able to enjoy everything with Angie and John. What a fabulous way to start the fall season!


Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

Am, you all look sooo good! I wish we could see little Jenny! :(

Emily and Mike said...

You girls are all SO cute!!