Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[ All moved in! ]

Wow! A lot has happened since I last posted.... so it's time to do some catching up! We moved to our new apartment on March 6th while all of us were battling colds- no fun! But everything went smoothly thanks to the help of our family and friends! Our new apartment is so nice and light- the difference is amazing! Here are a few snapshots of what we've been up to.

Here's some captions for some of the pictures. Sorry it's not right next to the picture, but it's just a little faster this way! Daddy got a "money tree" for Valentine's day that Angie thought was so cool because we now have a tree in our house! Angie and Jenny having fun at Pump it Up in their matching Valentine's outfits (that I forgot to take pictures of on Valentine's day, oh well). Angie's "egg" she found at the park all nestled up in it's cozy nest she made for it. Angie sporting her new green dress that Great Aunt Eileen made for her. Daddy and Jenny having fun on the new computer, Jenny is in "awe" of the colors and big screen! Jenny having fun with Uncle Robby who came up to visit. (We miss you Aunt Kali and hope to see you soon!) Angie wanted me to take pictures of her drawing of "Mommy and Daddy" and her puppy, which looks like she was making sure he wasn't going to run away. :) She also wanted me to take pictures of her "spider" which is her hand and he does all sorts of stuff with her throughout the day! Funny girl! (She really does love bugs!) Lastly we had to take a picture of her Dragon that she had so much fun painting. She's pretty meticulous when it comes to detail! (We forgot to put the wings on for the picture- oops!)

So that about sums it up for the time being.... hope all is going well for everyone! More pictures to come once I upload the last week or so! Take care and enjoy! Oh and I almost forgot, Angie and Jenny are in a "Cutie Patootie Photo Contest" that will be starting on March 29th. It would be so fun to win and we would love it if all of our friends and family could vote for them! So I'll keep you posted on where you can see their pictures as soon as I get more info! Thanks everyone!


Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

Whoa! I never even thought of putting the bumbo in the bathtub! You are so SMART! BTW, dang cute pictures!!

Ashley said...

Hey! The pics are so cute! Cant wait to see pics of the new place! I am glad things are going well. The girls sure are growing and they look so cute!