Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[ turning 5 ]

It's Angie's birthday today and she's now 5- Wow! How is it that I have a five year old? It's a little surreal!
I remember well the day she was born and I swear it wasn't 5 years ago... time flies!
We started the day out with some presents from Aunt Lauren, Nana, Poppa and Lee! The Fairy wings were a HUGE hit! They came with a fun flower clip too, which she also got for Jenny so she wouldn't feel left out! (such a thoughtful Aunt.... that makes it so much easier on me!)

After opening a few presents we headed to Bell Square and went to the re-opening of the Disney store. She got a fun surprise when the employees put on a fun birthday surprise complete with a firework and lights display on their new screens, complete with her name! Angie thought it was really cool!

 Next we headed up to the play area and met up with some friends from church,
then headed home for some lunch and a nap for Jenny! (Birthday hug from Jenny)
 While Jenny was napping, Angie and I made her a bracelet complete with her name on it! She's been helping me make them for all her friend's birthdays.... so she was excited that it was her turn!
 Then we met up with Grandma, Aunt Lena, Aunt Kali and Daddy at the Pinkabella Cupcake shop for a treat! She picked the chocolate cupcake with pink frosting of course!
 (Notice we've changed fairy wings and flower since this morning. I'm pretty sure she changed because these ones matched perfectly, unlike the pink and yellow combination...... so Angie! Gotta love this girl!)
 Grandma and Jenny picking out cupcakes. Jenny got a taste of Daddy's: Chocolate with salted caramel frosting, and mine: White chocolate raspberry- tasty!
Lastly, we finished off the night with Pancakes, Eggs and Bacon for dinner- Angie's choice!
(It was a toss up between that and Salmon and Potatoes, her other favorite meal)
Poppa and Uncle Lee came over to celebrate and have a home cooked meal,
since Nana just left this morning to Utah for a week! ;)
She opened her gifts from Mom and Dad and the last one was her favorite.... Tangled! We watched it as we ate dinner.... what a perfect day! (Well, the only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been some sunshine today, but she didn't seem to notice!)

Happy Birthday Angeline! We love you!

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Christy Jones said...

happy birthday Angie! I am so glad she had such a nice birthday! I love all the fair wings!