Friday, May 23, 2008

[ happy birthday angie! ]

I can't believe our little red-head is 2 years old already! It's truly amazing how time seems to fly by when you have kids! I guess that means we really have to make sure we take time out to enjoy the little moments in life.

What an amazing adventure it's been raising our Angie. She's grown up so much already and become quite the little lady! As you can tell by this picture- she loves shoes! These "ruby red slippers" are her favorite, so of course we had to find a dress to match her shoes! She definitely takes after her mother in that aspect, my motto is "If the shoe fits, buy an outfit to match!"

Angie turned 2 on Mother's Day and it was so fun to watch her get excited about her cake this year! She actually understood how to blow out the candle too- it was too cute! We got to celebrate twice, once with John's family on Mother's Day and then a week later with my family and close friends. It was great to be able to celebrate her special day at home in Washington with our families. It's great to be back!


Adam & Alisha Wickern said...

.way cute blog!!!!
Dang, I cant believe I missed Angie's birthday, I was trying hard not to forget your birthday that I completely forgot Angie's. She is an absolute doll!!!
We sure miss you guys!! Thanks for sending your blog! We will add you to ours.

Love your guts!!

Cristina said...

Hey back Cuz! That's fun that we started a blog about the same time. I definitely think this will be a better way to keep in touch. I was also thinking that it must be about Angie's birthday, but completely missed it. I'm sorry! Now that we're "bloggers" maybe I won't miss it anymore. Your blog is way cuter than mine...I may need some pointers! Love ya!

*b said...

What a cute blog! I bet your friend that helped you design it is one AMAZING chick! (j/k)

i like the yellow and the pictures of you guys really make it so cute too. love it!

I'm so glad that I was able to spend time with you on this. What a great excuse to make you come over ;)

hope to see you soon!


Adam & Alisha Wickern said...

Hey Am,
How do you make the header pictures? You know how your thing says, "Such is life" and then you have flowers, where do you find those things?

Cristina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!!!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous day. I will try to call you later tonight. It's Beth's high school graduation tonight. Can you believe it? My, how they grow up so fast...