Wednesday, June 4, 2008

[ new hair, new shoes, new ME! ]

Shoes glorious shoes!
Group effort blowing out the candles!

Here is the "after" haircut picture, not my favorite pic but you get the idea! A beautiful rose from John!
Cutest and most delicious cupcake ever, I had to take a picture!

So for my birthday this past weekend I got a hair cut, highlights (for the first time ever!) and shoes! And if you know me, then you know of my passion for shoes! I got three pair for my birthday- Horray! I think my shoe fetish began when I started working at Famous Footwear back 5 years ago, I got super good deals on shoes and so of course I spent most of my paycheck starting my collection! Let's just say that I haven't stopped my collection! Like I said before, my motto is: "If the shoe fits, buy an outfit to match!"
So, here's a picture of my new kicks, thanks to my friends Natalie and Kira who each bought me a pair for my birthday! And as for my hair, I was really in need of a change and wanted to look more my age now that I'm 25! I had been talking about getting my hair cut ever since we came home and I had also been debating on whether I should get highlights or not, but I finally did it and I love it! Just like everyone else, I'm hooked! My hair looks so much better, although the pictures don't really do it justice!
Needless to say, by the pictures above, you can tell I had a wonderful birthday! My wonderful husband John, my family and friends spoiled me for a day, which was great to know that you're loved on your birthday! Thanks everyone for making it such a fabulous day! I felt like a queen for a day, which is how every girl should feel on her birthday, right?


Cristina said...

I LOVE the shoes. They are so cute. I think I have a shoe fetish too. I asked for a Payless giftcard for my birthday. I also love the hair. Isn't it great to feel like a "new me"? I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And yes, we should talk more often!

Scottie & Kimber said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! And lets be blogging buddies!!!

Mike and Emily said...

happy be-lated birthday!! how is seattle treating you?? i'm glad i found your blog! =) oh, and LOVE the shoes...