Sunday, June 15, 2008

[ happy father's day Johnny! ]

Wow, I can't believe how much time has gone by since the day Angie was born! Looking at these pictures, it doesn't seem like she's even the same kid because she's changed so much. It's amazing to see how much she's grown since then and how John and Angie have bonded and become closer over the course of 2 years!

I'm so grateful for the wonderful father that John is... from the changing of many stinky diapers, to sleep-deprived nights and ear-piercing shrieks! Then getting the chance to experience all the firsts... from smiles, her first word "da-da", and first steps to playing together, hugs and most important of all- kisses! I was lucky enough to catch this kiss on camera! John always teases me for taking hundreds of pictures every time I get my camera out, and I keep telling him that most often you have to take multiple pictures to get a good shot! In this case though, I only took one picture and was able to capture the moment perfectly! Horray!

Watching John go through all of these experiences as a father and a husband has made me fall in love with him all over again! You think that you could never love anyone as much as you love your spouse, but when you get that little baby in your arms, it's an unconditional love that is so unexplainable that you couldn't imagine it any other way!

Sorry, I know I'm probably sounding a bit sappy, but I guess when I really stop to think about things, I want to remember the little moments and the small happenings of everyday life to be extraordinary memories and something that I don't take for granted!

Thank you Johnny for being the unbelievable husand and father that you are! For all the little things you do to make our wonderful life worthwhile and meaningful! I love you tremendously and I feel blessed to have you by my side!

So not to forget my own father... here's to you Dad for all your time, energy, hardwork and unconditional love that made me who I am today. I am forever grateful for the person that you are and the person that you've helped me to become. I love you Dad!

Happy Father's Day!

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