Thursday, July 10, 2008

[ Independence Day ]

Our 4th of July celebration was a little mellow this year, but we kinda liked it that way. We went to the parade in downtown Kirkland, had a BBQ with some neighbors and friends, played frisbee, lit off some fireworks and watched the big firework displays in Bellevue and Seattle from our deck. John was able to get Thursday and Friday off of work, so it was fun to hang out together for a nice 4-day weekend. Also what made it even better was that John and I were able to house sit and dog sit for John's parents while there were out of town for the weekend, so we were able to have a couple nights to ourselves, except for the dogs of course! My parents where nice enough to put Angie to bed in the evenings and get her dressed and fed in the morning. Thanks Mom, Dad, Lauren and Lee. Here's a few pictures of us, the first two my sister took and worked her photoshop magic, I thought they were such cute pictures I had to show both! Happy Belated 4th Everyone!


Jess Bezzant said...

OH MY WORD! Angie looks so cute, I can't even handle it! It looks like you guys had tons of fun there! There was probably more to do than there is here...anyway, your blog looks great, good job!

Cristina said...

I love Angie's 4th of July outfit, especially the shoes! She's taking after her mom already... I'm glad you had a happy 4th of July! Love ya!