Friday, July 11, 2008

[ Happy 28th Birthday Johnny! ]

Yesterday was John's 28th birthday! We had a great dinner with my family and then had some great desserts! John's Mom brought over a lemon cake which is one of John's favorites and then Angie and I got him a Key Lime Pie, which Angie helped with blowing out the candle, and she's getting pretty good at it too!

It was kind of a mellow night, John took a little birthday snooze, as you can see he was pretty tired after a hard days work. We had dinner, ate cake and pie, opened some presents and then relaxed. Wednesday night we celebrated by going to a shooting range with our friends Bryan and TaNicka. We had fun shooting targets and brought them home with us to off our skills! :) As you can tell John is a natural- he rarely missed the target! However I was surprised that I didn't do too badly either, although you can't see my shots very well because I was using a smaller gun, so you'll just have to believe me! :) Afterwards we went to Dairy Queen to get some ice cream and chat for a while. Thanks Bryan and TaNicka for a fun time and great company!


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