Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[ ABCs ]

Horray! Angie has finally learned the whole alphabet song without skipping any letters! Although it might sound like she does because she still hasn't quite gotten the whole "L M N O P" part down, but you get the gist of it! A couple of weeks ago she was leaving out the letter "J" for some reason, but not anymore! What's also funny about her version of the song is that when she gets to the "now I know my ABCs next time won't you sing with me" part she starts over! You can hear in the video that she says "now I know my ABCs H I J K..." and continues on from there, so she just keeps on singing it over and over again! It's so funny to listen to her interpretation! I was so excited to post this because it's taken me several times to be able to get the whole thing on camera, she usually clams up when she sees me coming!


Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

What!? That's great! She is so cute Amy!! What kind of things are you going to put on your other blog? I am always up for a good craft idea=)

Amy said...

My other blog will have anything I've made/created... scrapbook pages, cards, sewing projects, quilts, hair clips and photos I've taken. Tell me what you think of it! I hope it helps to inspire you!

Kensington said...

I havent been on the blogs for sometime now, we are just getting settled into our new apartment, but that video is so cute!! I cant believe she is already singing her ABC's. HOW CUTE!!