Wednesday, August 13, 2008

[ photos with Nana ]

My sister Lauren took some pictures of Angie with my Mom the other day for her blog that she's starting for her motivational speaking. She has been ask numerous times to speak around the area, but has just recently been asked to speak in Canada and California. So she's decided it's time to start a blog so that she can stay in better contact with people and post inpirational thoughts and quotes on a regular basis without having to email everything. It's not quite finished yet... still a work in progress. She really wanted a picture of her and Angie on there, so hence the reason for the photo shoot. Lauren does such an amazing job with photo shop that her photos are looking more and more professional every day! Check out her and my Mom's blog listed under Family and Friends.


TaNicka said...

Love It! Great Job Lauren!

Amy said...

Yep, she's quite amazing! I wish I could be like her someday! :)