Tuesday, October 21, 2008

[ "ti-ee-pigs" ]

Angie always has some kind of stuffed animal in each one of her hands everywhere she goes! These are her new favorites... guinea pigs that her aunt and uncle let her have. Although Angie calls them "ti-ee-pigs" instead, which is really quite amusing to hear her say! The other night just after dinner she was playing with them at the table and were making them kiss! This is also something that she's discovered lately. I wonder where she got that from? :)

Here she is making her guinea pigs kiss and showing us how it's done, complete with a hug too... the picture of her closing her eyes with her lips puckered is her "kissing face". You can see just how animated she is in these pictures! We love our quirky little red-head!

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Shannon said...

Those are such beautiful picture of Angie! Love that red hair :)!