Wednesday, October 15, 2008

[ so glad when Daddy comes home! ]

I realized the other day that I haven't taken any recent pictures of Angie and I. This one turned out pretty good considering I was taking it too! It's funny though how Angie is so much more excited in the picture of her and her Daddy! She's always glad when John comes home as you can see! She is definitely a Daddy's girl!

Also here are a couple of videos that I took the other day when I was trying to get her to sing some songs for me. We ended up with bits and pieces of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" while she's winding herself in the drapes... she's a funny one! Spiders are her new favorite thing recently, every morning she looks out the window for spiders and says "Oh Scary Spider!" as she shakes like she's scared and then smiles ear to ear! Also every time she goes over to Nana's house she finds all the plastic spiders that my Mom has out for Halloween decorations and then wants us to hide them again so she can find them again!

The last video is a new obsession of Angie's... she loves to just flip through books, particularly "grown up" books of course instead of her books. We have to really watch her though because she has found our scriptures lately. So we decided to give her an older copy of her very own so that she can learn how to gently flip through the pages without damaging ours. She's doing pretty well as you can see in the video, it's funny though because she just gets in her zone and that's all she focuses on and completely tunes me out of course! Just more of Angie's little quirks that we love!


Erin said...

Too cute. Girls are fun!

Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

oh my heck she is cute! Her blue eyes and red hair is just so gorgeous!!!! I miss you guys!

Chad, Ashley, and Callan said...

I cant believe how long her hair has gotten! She is so big.
P.S. I totally love to look at your other blog, you are so incredibly talented and I am so impressed with everything I see.
You look great and your house looks great! Hope everything continues to go well for you guys, we sure miss you!