Friday, October 31, 2008

[ trunk-or-treating and pumpkin carving! ]

On Saturday we had our ward Halloween party, which John and I were in charge of helping out with. It was a success! We had hot dogs, chips and homemade root beer for dinner and then went trunk-or-treating in the parking lot afterwards. We were trying to help Angie with saying "trick-or-treat" and every time we'd come to the next car we would say, "What do you say?" and she replied, "Help please?" which is what she usually says at home when she wants something. So we had to re-train her! After the fifth car she was opening up her back and saying "trick-or-treat" like a pro! We were so proud! The only thing is that she wanted to start eating the treats right then of course! We then had to stop for a minute to enjoy some of her treats, so I think now that she'll be really ready for tonight!

We had lots of fun carving pumpkins with John's family on Sunday night. Here they are all lit up! Mine is the silly face, John's is the scary face and Angie's is the spider of course! John has a tradition of carving intricate designs in his pumpkin every year, this year wasn't as extravagant, but still turned out great! John is so fast at it that he was able to carve his and Angie's in the same amount of time I carved mine! I'm a bit of a perfectionist though, so maybe that's why it took so long! :) Angie didn't care to help out on the carving, but thought the outcome was great and of course gave the pumpkin a kiss! Seems to be Angie's new thing! :)



Adam & Leesha Wickern said...

So cute Amy, looks like you guys had a blast!
Hey Am, I am sorry to hear about what is going on with your mom. You guys are in our prayers!

Erin said...

Looks like you guys had fun. I wish our ward did a trunk or treat, I love them! I was going through your blog and it looks like you like to do photography too! Hey you know if we are ever up in the area I'm sure my husband would be willing to set up a photo shot for you guys. Hope you guys have a good halloween.

Matt and Cristina said...

Angie really does kiss everything! I love the skunk costume. I think dressed-up toddlers are one of the cutest things in the whole world! I wish Angie could come trick-or-treating to my house!