Wednesday, January 21, 2009

[ Angie the Artist ]

At least we think so! Here are a few pictures of Angie with her new art easel. Anything that has to do with creativity Angie loves! She thought it was so cool that she could erase on the wipe off board... hours of enjoyment! She drew some pretty cool pictures that were very different than her usual circles and lines, she now puts them together and drew things that actually looked like something! The second picture is her version of the sun... not too bad huh? And the last picture was our favorite because it was a person, her version of course, but pretty cool! You can see the eyes, nose, mouth, legs, curly hair and many arms! :) It looks more like a little monster, but still is very cool! Enjoy!

1 comment:

Matt and Cristina said...

She must be a Woodard!!! She is too cute.