Thursday, November 5, 2009

[ 2 months ]

Here's little Miss Jenny at 2 months! She weighed 13 pounds 12 ounces at her 2 month check up and measured 24 inches long! She's in the 95th percentile for everything and definitely is a chunk! :)During the last couple of weeks she has really started cooing and almost giggling too! She also is grabbing at her toys now and keeping herself occupied for much longer than she used to, so less fussing- Hurray!

So I know you can tell by the pictures, but Jenny's hair sticks straight up in the front and also curls too, so it looks like a wave because of her crazy cowlick!!! And it totally cracks me up because it just does whatever it wants too! No matter how I try to comb it, it just goes everywhere! Well, John was looking at her hair the other night and asked me if I brush her hair like that or dry it like that to make it stand up, he actually thought I was trying to spike it up or something! If it weren't for the little bows and clips in her hair you'd think she was a boy! Unfortunately in half of the pictures I take, you can't see the bows and hair clips because her "wave" sticks up in front of it! :) So until her hair calms down I guess I'll just have to make sure she's always wearing lots of pink to make sure they know she's a she! :)

Oh and here are some close ups of Jenny on Halloween that I forgot to add with my last post. What a cute little giraffe she was! She did really well going trick-or-treating with us, in fact so well that she fell asleep! :) I'm sure next year she'll have more fun!


Lisa said...

Love the chunk and the hair!

Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

Little jenny is so adorable!! What a cute family you have. I was thinking about you the other day, it's good to hear you guys are doing well!

Krystal Ann said...

We can't wait to meet her! One more month!