Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[ 4 years old! ]

Angie officially turned 4 yesterday! I know everyone says this, but I can't believe my little girl is 4 years old! How time flies!

We waited to give her our present since she had a lot going on at her party and we still wanted to make sure her real birthday was special.

So I said I would never get one because it encouraged her to pretend to be a dog (which she does constantly anyway) and I want her to act like a girl! But I did it anyway... we got her a dog bed!

I've learned my lesson... You can NEVER say NEVER right? She is constantly pulling out blankets and pillows to make a dog bed or a nest somewhere, so we gave in and got her the only thing she's been wanting for weeks now ever since she saw one at John's cousin's house for her dog, Ruby. Such is life!

We had big plans yesterday to go to the park since it was such a pretty day, but that all changed when Jenny woke up with her ears bothering her, a runny nose and diarrhea because she's teething!

Poor thing, she whined constantly all day except when she was being held or sleeping. It was an extremely long day to say the least! She is chewing on everything which is nothing new, but today she's fascinated with this bracelet and crawls around with it in her mouth, like a little puppy! What is it with my girls? WHY do they want to be PUPPIES!?! Hopefully it's just a phase! 

Anyway... we stayed home and snuggled a lot yesterday and then went to Grandma's house for dinner. She made Angie's favorite... Spaghetti (because the noodles look like snakes of course!)  and then a tasty cake for dessert! Thanks Grandma for making Angie's birthday so special!


Traci said...

Happy bithday Angie!!! Kaden liked pretending to be a puppy around Jenny's age too, always carrying a sock around in his mouth.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the adorable invite! I hope her party was tons of fun. It really is hard to believe that they grow up so fast! Callan will be 4 before I know it! Wish we could have been there to celebrate! We miss you guys!