Thursday, July 1, 2010

[ Catching up... ]

Lots of catching up to do! 
I realized I hadn't posted in over a month...I've been slacking!
(I'll start with the most recent events and go backwards)
So be prepared for LOTS of pictures!

Since I neglected to take any photos of Johnny for Father's day, here's the most recent one of him and the girls! (Thanks Lauren!) Angie and I got up early to make him a big breakfast and Angie made him a beautiful card. We didn't have any presents for him to open since he ordered it, but he didn't care, he was excited because he got to add to his collection! (As a combined Father's day/Birthday present he chose to get a gun, he's a collector of WWII guns, etc.) I am so grateful for the amazing father that John is to our beautiful girls. He's such a softy when it comes to his girls! He is so proud of everything they do and is always sure to show them how much he loves them. He loves coming home everyday and having Angie running to get a hug and to hear Jenny say "Da-dee" as she crawls as fast as she can trying to follow Angie! I'm so blessed to have him as my husband and as an amazing father to our girls! I LOVE YOU JOHNNY!
Later we went to my parent's house and John's Mom and sister came over to have dinner with us. It was delicious! Here's the one picture I did take... Dad getting the photo booth all of us kids made for him. We all included our favorite memories, funny stories and pictures of course-it turned out great and he really enjoyed it! Thanks for being the World's Greatest Dad- I know, very cliche but VERY TRUE! I love you DAD!


Enjoying the very much needed sunshine at the park. Angie thought it was so cool that she's big enough now to push Jenny on the swings. I love this moment where they are both smiling and enjoying each other! 
I love seeing them get along! :)  

This is the only picture I have of Jenny's tooth! What a goof she is! :) We call her the one-tooth wonder! 

Taking a drink break together in the pool at Nana's house- playing is such hard work! 
And a quick snap shot with Mommy! 

Since I couldn't get these pictures to go where I want them to go, you'll just have to figure it out! :) Poppa with the girls for a Father's day photo (it was actually one I took a week before so I could use it in his photo book). John and Dad cooking up something tasty at the grill- where they do most of their bonding! :) Jenny enjoying playing in Angie's "dog bed" one morning before Angie got up- you can tell by the look on her face she knows Angie would be upset if she caught her in there! Sneaky girl! Angie feeding the chickens and roosters at Flower World- she loved every minute of it! Jenny relaxing with Daddy... I love that her legs are crossed- such a lady!

Enjoying some snuggle time with Nana as she sings Christmas songs to try and get Jenny to fall asleep. And yes, I did say Christmas songs! She and Angie listen to it as they make their monsters too! I think it's crazy, but they LOVE it! So I say, whatever makes you happy! Jenny is snuggling her very first monster! Nana and Angie made matching sister monsters one night and Jenny absolutely loved it and kept hugging it and "talking" to it! She doesn't get to play with Angie's monsters (sister is a little protective of her stuff, if you haven't noticed) so she thought it was great that it was hers!

Angie is ALMOST completely potty trained! I seriously never thought I'd see the day! We've tried so many times, but thankfully it finally clicked! I didn't really want to post about it until we really stared making progress because otherwise I felt like I would be eating my words! (Been there done that!)We started making her "garden" and every time she went #1 on the potty she got to put up a flower (with a jewel- very important!) and then got a treat! She was so excited when she got to put up another flower! She's going potty at the store no problem and pretty much anywhere.... we are soooooo excited! Now if we can just get #2 down! We're not complaining though, it'll come in time! We're just thankful she's not going to kindergarten in diapers! (We really were worried there for a while!) Oh the things you go through as parents!

Finishing her first ever 100 piece puzzle!

Creating a masterpiece at the Children's Museum with our new friends- she loved it!!!

Enjoying the view at Snoqualmie Falls. We needed to get out of the house one afternoon and decided to take a small road trip up to the falls! It's such a beautiful sight!

A few pictures of my birthday- 27 years old!
John made a fabulous chocolate cake because he knows I LOVE CHOCOLATE!
 As you can see Angie was just as excited as I was to eat it! I was so impressed, John really did a great job! Who knew he could bake? I'm a very lucky lady!
We celebrated Memorial day with both of our families and had another cake to celebrate both me and my Dad's birthday (his is on the May 27th, mine is the 30th, so we usually celebrate together). 
If you look closely you can see the cake has an 81- our combined age! My Mom got creative because that's the only candles she had and luckily it worked! :)

Jenny's 8, 9 and 10 month pictures...
It's amazing to see how much she's changed over the past 3 months! 
I can't believe she'll be a year in August!!!! Time is just flying by! 
I love the two photos because Lauren took them when she came to visit! She did a great job (as usual) and she actually caught Jenny sitting still! Now that she's moving even more it's gotten tougher as you can see in her 10 month photo- (that was the best one we took) I swear she's ALWAYS moving!
8 months
9 months
10 months


Well, I've got to get to bed now because it's after midnight! I hope what I wrote makes sense in the morning- I'm too tired to edit at this point... I hope everything is spelled correctly too! 
Anyway, good night and Enjoy!


Krystal Ann said...

Yay! Thanks for updating! Brad and I love to see pictures. We miss you guys so much! We love you :)

Matt and Cristina said...

It sounds like you had a very happy month! I'm so glad. The girls are darling. Congrats on the potty training. I may have to call you in a couple of years and get all your secrets!