Friday, May 7, 2010

[ Grandma's Birthday and random-ness ]

We celebrated Grandma's birthday on April 8th by going out to eat at Red Robin, then came home for some yummy strawberry cake! Angie and I had a lot of fun making a cute birthday box for Grandma's present! Angie loves helping everyone blow out her candles!

The rest of the photos are pretty random... 
  • The girl's tackling Daddy after work
  • Jenny's crazy bed-head hair- love it!
  • Angie giving her beloved lizard a piggie-back ride
  • Jenny and I on Easter at Nana & Poppa's house
  • Jenny playing in her crib
  • Jenny has been pulling herself on everything for a while now and loves to cruise! She wants to walk so badly, so it won't be long!
  • Angie pretending to be a puppy- gotta love that face, what a funny girl!
  • And lastly Jenny with her Easter basket (Daddy and Angie spent Easter at his Grandma's house)

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