Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[ King Pong, Lee's Birthday and more! ]

While Brad and Krystal were here for their internships, Lee and Brad started a ping pong tournament. I don't even know how many games they played to determine the winner, but it was a lot! The deal was, whoever won got a gold trophy that stated they were "KING PONG of the Woodard Brothers!" that was made by the one who lost. The winner was Brad, so Lee and my Dad got to work making this awesome trophy! We had extra spray paint so Lee decided to spruce up some old tennis shoes and wah-lah.... gold running shoes!
Lee was so excited about these shoes! Like I've said before, it's the little things in life! :)
Lee had his 17th birthday on April 23rd, but we celebrated early since the whole family was together! I decorated the cake and Angie of course enjoyed helping blow out the candles! A few pictures with Brad and Krystal and Lauren before they headed back to BYU-Idaho Lauren came home to visit for a few days after finishing her first semester! She did great and loves being there! It was so fun being together, but we'll miss them tremendously! We love you guys!

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