Friday, October 3, 2008

[ time for potty training! ]

So today I started the process of trying to potty train Angie! She's been dealing with constipation for a few months now and we have yet to find the cause of it. At first we thought she was allergic to dairy, but ruled that out, so we're thinking at this point she knows what she's doing and might just need to be retrained to go to the bathroom so it doesn't become a problem again. I know that every time she has been constipated that she's been in quite a bit of pain, so we're thinking that she relates going to the bathroom with pain of course and is now holding it for that reason. We're crossing our fingers that this will be the answer, because if not we test to see if she's allergic to wheat, which will be so hard to do, but worth it! Anyway, I'm sure that's probably enough information on that subject! I just thought I would take a picture of all the "gear" we have to potty train our sweet but stubborn red-head! The potty of course, a timer (so that she's only on the potty for a couple of minutes as to not get overwhelmed!), the potty chart with stickers and lastly glow sticks! Angie's new favorite thing is glow sticks, so it's the perfect prize if she goes! Notice there is already one sticker on the chart! She went once today without a fuss, so I'd say we're already making progress! YAY!


Jeff and Kayci Bitton said...

Congrats! That's so exciting! It's so nice not to have to change diapers:) Good luck with it all!!

Steve and Cyndi said...

Yea for potty training! I haven't heard of setting a timer... does that help?

Amy said...

Well, Angie's doctor was telling us to make sure to have her on the potty between 1-5 minutes, so I'll set it for 3 minutes to remind myself not to let her sit there for too long if she doesn't have to go. Otherwise she gets frustrated with me making her sit there. Also, that way she knows that when the timer goes off she's done and even if she hasn't gone, she at least tried! We're trying to retrain her because of the bad experience with being constipated, so it's what hopefully will work for us!